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It is not easy for me to make a distinction among the languages I use.  All is painting, for me, even print-making and photography, but certainly all  was generated here, in a phisical relationship with a matter that develops in image. Matter has its own inner power which escapes the artificious boundaries of sign. I became conscious of this very soon, when working endlessly on still-life compositions the first informal paintings arose. Origin (2003), is indeed a composition with  coffeepot, pottery, some fruit and artichokes.
I inserted in an already trodden road, conscious that all has already been done before and therefore with the humbleness of a person who wants to learn from the masters. I never considered necessary to create something absolutely 'original'. What I really care of is to be able to  sharpen the instruments to express my vision of the world. It is a poetic and positive vision, notwithstanding all the difficulties and sufferences - almost an act of faith, I would say - in an essential beauty and e bounty of life.
It might seem strange that lots of 'pictorial' works are realized with a non-conventional matter such as bitumen, but there is a deep need in its choice. There is nothing more proper to tell about a time before the time, when chaos is shaped and universe is generated to life.

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Paesaggio mistico

paesaggiomistico3_rassegnastampaEsiste un’arte della profondità che sembra arrestare i confini dell’universo e della conoscenza, nutrirsi della meditazione dei pittori e tradurre gli intimi accordi che risuonano dentro di loro con una strana forza. È il linguaggio attraverso cui si esprimono, mediante l’alfabeto delle forme, la potenza dei sogni, la magia del passato, gli incantesimi del cuore.
(Hokusai, Henry Focillon)

An art of deepness exists that seems to halt  the boundaries of universe and knowledge, to nourish through meditation of painters and to translate the intimate keys that sound inside of them with a strange power. This is the language through which  - by means of the alphabet of forms – the power of dreams, the magic of past and the enchantment of the heart do express. (Hokusai, Henry Focillon)