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I think that for those who dedicate to painting it is almost inevitable to see in front of them the images of the great artists who really are the Art  History.  The confrontation can be frightening, but it can also become a consolation. Both things happened to me. I understood how much I have to work to come near to their extraordinary technical and expressice abilities. At the same time I understood that they are always there when I need and that I only have to listen to them, if I want to learn.  Most of them leaved in far times, but I feel them as 'contemporary' to my feelings.  Of all of them there is a trace in my works. Ungaretti used to say that the true poet can only insert in the uninterrupted fluxus of poetry that exhists from the beginning. I think this is true for any art form. At least I choose to move in this direction. 

The works here contained are distinguished in categories only to make easier their research and classification, but for me there is really little difference in their substance - only in their means ...all is painting.


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Paesaggio mistico

paesaggiomistico3_rassegnastampaEsiste un’arte della profondità che sembra arrestare i confini dell’universo e della conoscenza, nutrirsi della meditazione dei pittori e tradurre gli intimi accordi che risuonano dentro di loro con una strana forza. È il linguaggio attraverso cui si esprimono, mediante l’alfabeto delle forme, la potenza dei sogni, la magia del passato, gli incantesimi del cuore.
(Hokusai, Henry Focillon)

An art of deepness exists that seems to halt  the boundaries of universe and knowledge, to nourish through meditation of painters and to translate the intimate keys that sound inside of them with a strange power. This is the language through which  - by means of the alphabet of forms – the power of dreams, the magic of past and the enchantment of the heart do express. (Hokusai, Henry Focillon)